Friday, September 18, 2009

Pro Workshop Update and Schedule

The pro workshop that will be held at the New York Go Center is being rescheduled to October 17th, and 18th.

Details and Schedule are as follows.

Who: Diana Koszegi 1P and Kim Seungjun 9P New York Workshop 2009
When: October 17th and 18th @ 10 am (time subject to change)
Where: New York Go Center
How Much:
Preregistered price: Weekend/100 1-day/60
Regular Price: Weekend/120 1-day/70
Preregistration ends September 29th.
-To preregister send an e-mail with your name and go level to

-If there are not at least 6 people registered, the workshop will likely be canceled.

10am-12am :Opening theory

12pm -1:30 pm lunch break

1:30-3 pm Life and Death Practice

3 pm -5 pm Simultaneous games, and review.

This schedule is tentative, and might change by the choice of attendees, or instructors.

Hope to see you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Diana Koszegi, Kim Seungjun Workshop

Who: Diana Koszegi 1P and Kim Seungjun 9P New York Workshop 2009

When: October 3rd and 4th @ 10 am (time subject to change)

How Much:
  • Pregistered price: Weekend/100 1-day/60
  • Regular Price: Weekend/120 1-day/70
Pregistration ends September 29th.
-To preregister send an e-mail with your name and go level to

What: A Go workshop. Two proffesionals from Korea will spend two days in New York trying there best to raise the level of our go. Their attempts (hopefully succesful ones ^^) will include simultaneous games, lectures on specific topics, Pro-game reviews, lower level game reviews as well as life and death practice. A pizza lunch will be included in the price.

They recently did a similair workshop in Turkey. They will also do another workshop in California the following weekend along with Janice Kim 3P.

It seems that The two are touring the world and teaching Go. This is rather exciting for us in the west because these are both active pro's, and they are offering their services at a great prices. In korea pro's get upwards of 1000 dollars each for a simultaneous game!

Some more details will be added to this page on Monday.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

State of my go

I went to Korea for 6 months. It changed me in many ways. But it seems sometimes that my go hasn't improved much.

I am probably about 1kyu these days, but to be honest, I feel so incredibly weak.

After getting back to the states I took a break for a while from playing. My mind was in disarray because of a mess I made in my life. This translated onto the Goban.

Recently, well in the past 3 weeks, I have started to get those things sorted out. So I started studying and playing again. I really only took a break of just under a month, but its made big difference in my ability to learn. At least in my mindset.

Vincent Liu 6d is my current teacher. To this point we have only had one lesson -- during which he said that I wasted my time in Korea because I obviously don't know how to play. So... with this thought in mind I decided to re-learn how to play. I have studying Janice Kim's learn to play go series so that I can get a refresher on the rules/basics. I have to say I think I am seeing results. Shapes and Aji are just so important.

I hope once I relearn the basics I will be able to grow stronger. I don't want to be one of those eternal shodans...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Goh Ju Yeon 2p.

A few weeks ago, the week after congress, Goh Ju Yeon 2P visited New York. I had the pleasure of showing her around. For three days we went to see various tourist attractions. For me it was a bit challenging because I had to use my very limited Korean to its limit, and for her it was likely the same. It was also very tiring walking around all day, going to bed late, and waking up early for work. However I really enjoyed her company.

On Friday, before leaving she played a few games with some of the people at the New York Go Center. Michael Fodera 2d was defeated with 4 stones, and I managed to get a win with 8 stones.

Will Lockhart, Ben Lockhart, Joshua, Kim Chaelim, Lee Hyang-mi, Goh Juyeon, Andy Liu, Lisha Li, Michael Fodera and myself got some snacks and drinks together and had ourselves a little going away party for Juyeon.

Around midnight, after having a some beers and some snacks, Andy and Juyeon decided that they would play. Apparently they had played two games earlier, with her winning both.

They were happy just to play, but we decided to make an event out of it. The kaya board was pulled out. We went to the tatami room. The two sat down and started to play. Ben and I broadcasted the game live on KGS, while everyone else came and went alternating watching the game online and live.

Although we announced it just 5 minutes before starting, over 280 people watched.

B+ 1.5