Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Jersey Open

Last weekend I went to the New Jersey Open.

I self promoted to AGA 1kyu, and I went 3-2. Unfortunatly I don't have any complete game records to show, nor did I take any pictures :(

I learned an interesting opening as white, 3-5 point hellish enclosure. Known by some as the box.

More on this later.

The main reason for this post is to say that I am officially (aga) 1kyu :))

Monday, February 22, 2010

League Game #9 vs.TD282

It feels like I a getting stronger. Or maybe I am just starting to understand the Chinese opening. For the past month every time I played black I used chinese opening.

Friday, February 19, 2010

League Game #8 vs Grumbles

Easy win...

League Game #7 vs Vlom

Hard fought game, but Vlom, he played better.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bamboo joint

Nakamura Kaicho gives us short lectures after our meditation sessions.

Today he talked about the Bamboo Joint "setsu"
Bamboo joint is the foundation or, the core of the otherwise hollow bamboo grass. Without it the grass would not be as strong and resilient and would just break when the wind blew hard.

What this means to us as karate-ka and as people is that you have to have a strong core of discipline, so that when faced with hardships you can stay standing and be flexible and resilient.

Also the bamboo joint is a rather strong shape in go isn't it?


League Game #6 vs MZ500

This was a very close, and tough game for me.

In the beginning I was doing well but for some reason I played c7 at move 65, and made the game at least twice as hard as it had to be...

I got lucky when my opponent left a weakness at D13, After that I managed to stay ahead

Sunday, February 7, 2010

League Game#5 VS Imagine

I played this game rather well I think, but I found it rather boring. I did not push very hard. In the end I only won by a relatively small margin. I should be more careful in end game, even If I am ahead....

League Game #4 VS MZ500

This game I played a bit better than the others, but I lost to my greed in the end. (please note I am now 3K)

League Game #3 vs.TD282

Another win, this time due to luck...

League Game #2 VS Grumbles

Even though I won, I cannot say it was satisfying, I played some really bad moves...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

To my blog readers I pose a question

I know that I have been getting quite a few hits on my blog, even at times when I wasn't writing. So I am curious, who is reading it?

Please post a response to the question who are you?

Also, on a side note, I am up to 3k now on KGS, about a year ago I think I was 3k as well, but i dropped down to 5k since then, and worked back up. :)) 7 wins in-a-row

Friday, February 5, 2010

Karaoke at the New York Go Center

As fun as Go is on its own, sometimes we like to take a break from go, and sing a little.

This Tuesday we went out to Karaoke.

Just some pictures, Enjoy :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

VS. Illya Shikshin 4 stones League Simul 1

This is the first game I played against the teachers, I have included some basic commentary.

I am pretty happy with how the game started but I made a few mistakes in the middle, mostly shape related.

All comments are welcome

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

League Game 1 vs. Vlom

This is my first league game played at 5 in the morning. I played too quickly in the begining and ended up behind a lot. Though I tried to catch up, I failed to. It was a fun and Bloody game. Enjoy and comments are welcome

A story and a Disclaimer.

DISCLAIMER: This is a free flowing story, meaning I just typed till it ended in about 8 breaths, its is not meant to be taken seriously, possibly it can be enjoyed. Some parts were based my life. But mostly just my imagination.

Winning at go really feels great.

I have been winning a lot recently, it motivates me to study to win more. Its a bit scary though...

Its an endless cycle, you study and get stronger, you win even more, study more. Next thing you know go has enveloped your life. You suddenly find yourself in Korea. You are eating and breathing the game. You are in bed with a lover, but secretly you close your eyes and imagine chasing an opponents ladder. You come back home to reality but only you don't. You fix your schedule around go. You spend your free time playing, your time at work sneaking to the bathroom to do tsumego. Your time at school is spent in a very similair way. You get stronger and stronger. Maybe you have no talent so this takes a long time, maybe you do and this takes no time at all. Than you lose a game, quickly you start a new one, and lose again. The losses pile up. Maybe not too high, only maybe 6 games, but you start to hate the game. You start to loathe the game. You start pulling at your hair, but find it is no longer there. Funny didn't you have hair when you started playing? Its too late now, you have nowhere to go. All you know is go. So, now even though you hate the game you keep playing. Its all you know. Sometimes you win a game, though you mostly just lose, and when you win you are reminded of the time when you were just getting the hang of the rules. Each game was more exciting the one before. With such a thought, if you are lucky that is, you close your eyes. You don't open them again.

Monday, February 1, 2010

KGS Insei League

So, keeping with my push forward attitude that I recently adopted (embodied with an all powerful, and very meaningful OSU!) I registered for Breakfast's (Alex Dinerchtien 3p) KGS insei league.

I am genuinely very excited about this, and I believe I am starting tomorrow. For the next month I will post all games that I play in the league here, I hope I can improve a lot. I will not have so much time once school starts in March.

My current goal in Go is to get my teacher Vincent Liu down to 5 stones. If I do this he will aknowledge me as 1d, but until I can get him to 4 stones, I won't call myself that.

Also, check out, its kind of like facebook for Go players