Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am Back In New York

So I have been back in New York for a week now, and even though I spent the past 6 months in Korea playing Go, somehow everyday I seem to make it out to the Go Center.

I definitely feel the effect of my stay in Korea. I am able to play as a 1d solidly, and the other day I even won against a 3d in an even game. When I visited the Korean club in flushing, I played as a 6 gup, and had 2 wins 3 losses. Previously i had played as an 8~9 gup.

I am living with my mom for the summer with plans of moving out, and for now I am working as a canvasser, basically a fundraiser, for Environment New York.

I will post some pictures of an epic fireworks show we had this past weekend soon.

Currently Chaelim and Hyangme are teaching at the New York Go Center, and so far they are doing great. Its nice to have youth at the center.

I plan to keep studying so that I can play as 2d by congress.

I will write again when there is something interesting to say.

Thanks for reading all this time guys!