Saturday, December 27, 2008

New Apartment, Life, Departure

I have not written in month, but I have been busy...

This is more of a personal blog post.

In the past month lots of things have happened. I signed papers with my girlfriend. I got to "AGA 4k" I quit my job. I moved out of my house and in with my Sunny (Girlfriend). I said my goodbyes to my friends and packed my bag. On Monday I will leave to Korea. I will travel 11 hours into the future and arrive Tuesday night.

I will spend the first night at my Uncle's house, and then I will be joining the IBA.

As much as I am excited to go and travel, I am a little sad leaving my Sunny in our new apartment all by herself.

On why we moved in together, I love her dearly, and I have been planning to live with her for sometime now. All of a sudden, she decided to leave her home and move out. So I moved in with her. Her dad is helping us out a lot with rent and stuff, I can not wait to get back and continue living with her in our little broken down apartment.

Sunny is an artist, she is an aspiring mangaka. For the holidays I made her sort of a table easel so that she can draw more comfortably. I really hope that while I am away she creates her rough draft of her manga series.

In the past few months I finally reconected with my best friend from childhood, Roman. He got into go recently ^__^ he is already 13k KGS. He is helping me out running the tournaments while I am in Korea. Its a little sad to leave...he should be kidnapped and brought to me in Korea....

I moved out of my moms house so suddenly, she seems sad these days, I hope she will be Ok.

I have worked a lot at the New York Go Center in the past months... I hope it is still standing when I come back ^__^

I will be back in 6 months a better smarter stronger person.

As for my posts while I am in Korea... Likely tri-weekly. I will be posting experiences as well as My games and my teacher's comments on them...

Hope you guys keep reading. See you soon.